February 16, 2020

Hello Everyone

Welcome to another Tiny Teddies Newsletter and Auction details for todays listings.   

  • Just To let you all know I have up-dated the Tiny Teddies by Elke LOGO to tie in with my website giving I think a cleaner look.

So, on to todays listings of the 4 Items below…                                                       

As always, I will be listing all my auction for 5 days.

To give everyone more time to see the Bears, Bunnies and so on.

 ***  This  Listing will start Tonight (Feb 16, 2020)  at 8:00 pm  GMT  –  (London Time)  ***

I hope you all have a great week !  HURRY UP Spring !!!

As always kind regards to everybody …  elke ♥

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Sorry to see you go. Kind regards …elke ♥